Tempe Business Lawyers

Tempe Business Lawyers

If your Tempe business is not experiencing legal problems, you may not feel the need to hire a professional Tempe business lawyer. In reality, every Tempe business should contact a business lawyer to watch over the best interests of the business. Having a business lawyer readily available to provide expert legal advice on business issues can lessen the legal risks involved in conducting regular business and possibly head off future legal complications.

It’s common for Tempe businesses to feel they are saving money by not having a business attorney on the payroll. Unfortunately, operating without the guidance of an educated business law attorney leaves the business open to numerous unforeseen legal problems that can become more stressful and costly than it would have been to employ an AZ business lawyer to help prevent legal snafus in the first place. If you find yourself in the Arizona court for any reason, legal expenses can mount quickly.

The field of law is so vast that many attorneys are pursuing continuing education in order to become more specialized in specific fields. A Tempe business attorney should be highly experienced in business law in order to provide top quality representation in legal matters when necessary and to prevent future legal difficulties.

At Buntrock Law Group, Shane Buntrock and Wayne Gardner bring nearly 20 years’ of industry experience in legal representation in such areas as:

Tempe AZ professional business law attorney

  • Theft of Trade Secrets or Intellectual Property
  • Non-Compete Covenants
  • Acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Shareholder/Member Disputes
  • Fraud

In addition, Buntrock Law Group would be happy to oversee all of your basic legal matters, including contracts, buy – sell agreements, and the formation of corporations, companies, and LLC’s. Our primary goal is to help you and your business prevent legal difficulties from arising, but if you need legal representation, Buntrock Law Group has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Whether your business is in need of immediate legal assistance for an existing legal issue, if you need premium business law consulting and advice, or if you are looking for legal security by hiring a Tempe business lawyer for your company, our team of highly experienced business attorneys can provide you with the services you need.


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