Compassionate Representation in Matters of Trust Experienced estate and trust litigation case lawyers in Scottsdale, AZAt Buntrock Law Group, our experienced Arizona legal attorneys understand the emotional challenges that come along with matters of trust and estate litigation cases. Often times, it may be necessary for you and your family to go to court to challenge the validity of a Will or Trust. The reason for this is to make sure that the terms of a Will or Trust are properly administered, or there may be a need to recover money or property improperly taken by someone not authorized to do so.

Highly reputable and experienced Mesa estate litigation attorney, Shane D. Buntrock, has vast experience in the field of estate and trust law that goes beyond client work. He has personally dealt with probate issues within his own family. Through his own experience, Shane takes extra care in helping individuals and families in these sensitive trust and estate matters. His expert strategy is to try to find the best position of strength in each estate matter in order to push proactively for resolution and to help bring the family closure. Many individuals and families that contact our law firm are many times unaware of their legal rights to estate information, their personal obligations, and what recourse they may have against the estate, trust, or a specific family member. Sometimes, a family member may have taken advantage of a vulnerable parent or grandparent. Whatever the case, hiring a professional Arizona lawyer for your estate or trust litigation case is crucial. If you have an estate and trust matter that requires clarity, resolution, protection or enforcement, our team of experienced estate and trust litigation law attorneys can provide you and your family with needed closure and resolution. Through our years of experience in the law industry, we have provided countless Arizona clients with quality estate and trust legal services. To learn more about the litigation process, or to hire a professional legal attorney for your case, please contact Buntrock Law at (480) 664-7728 today. Read more about the Estate and Trust Litigation process by browsing our professional Arizona legal articles.