Unfair Business Competition Law

Unfair Business Competition Law

Business Law is varied and complex. One of its many facets is unfair competition.
Unfair competition law is mainly comprised of torts(a civil wrong, meaning actions that cause disadvantages and harms to others) that injure a business economically due to wrongful or deceptive business practices. This can be divided into two groups: Unfair competition often refers to torts meant to mislead consumers on the source of a product and unfair trade practices encompasses all other forms of unfair competition.

At Buntrock Law Group, we know the challenges a business faces daily. It can be challenging to ensure that you business is protected from all angles. Our skilled attorneys are committed to protecting businesses large or small – from unfair business competition practices, such as:

Hire an expert unfair business competition lawyer in Queen Creek, Arizona

  • Trademark infringement
  • Misappropriation
  • False advertising
  • Bait and switch selling
  • Unauthorized substitution
  • False representation of products/services
  • Unfair pricing tactics
  • Libel and slander
  • Other unfair business practices

Of course, we hope that you will not have to be dealing with any of these areas of unfair businesses, however if you do, you can rest assured to have competent business law representation. Additionally, we will make sure that your business is on the up and up legally and that no future legal problems will arise.
Of course, one can never predict legal issues, but having a business lawyer on retainer is a great way to ensure that your contracts and legal business dealings are in top shape. Our commercial lawyers are available for your daily legal housekeeping as well as litigation and pressing legal issues that require aggressive and competent representation.
No matter what areas of unfair competition you’re dealing with, we’ll help you level the playing field, pursue litigation goals, ensure your business maintains its competitive edge, and exact the justice you deserve.
Additionally, we can also assist you with wrongful acts, personal injury cases, commercial litigation, real estate law and many other areas of the law.
Buntrock Law Group aims to offer comprehensive legal services so all your needs are met under one roof. To learn more about our legal services or to schedule and appointment contact our office today at 480.664.7728, or contact us online, to schedule a consultation.