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Professional Mesa estate planning attorneys at Buntrock Law GroupIt is an antiquated notion that estate planning is only for the rich and old. Everybody can benefit from having a properly executed estate plan. An estate plan entails much more than “just” making a will or setting up a trust. While both are important components to most estate plans, there are many other components to it as well. Elements such as a revocable living trust, a living will, community property agreement and a will are just a few of the basic components of a standard estate plan.The purpose of a Mesa estate plan is to secure control over what is happening to your property, how your family will be able to live after your demise and what kind of care you will receive in case you should become incapacitated.
Meeting with an estate planning lawyer at Buntrock Law Group in Mesa, enables you to create an estate plan that is just right for your personal and financial situation and legally secures your future and that of your loved ones.

Estate & Trust Law Experience

Here at Buntrock Law Group, we have lawyers with extensive estate and trust law experience. No matter if you want us to update your will, or have other concerns relating to your estate, we are happy to sit down with you and find a suitable legal solution. Estate and trust matters can be complex and often family members are not aware of their legal rights. We can assist our clients in shedding light on complex legal trust matters and represent them in court as well as out of court. We understand that every family is different and we gladly device a personally tailored estate plan to match your family’s needs. For the protection of your assets, estate and your family contact your Mesa estate lawyer as soon as possible. It is never too early to plan for the future.

Estate Litigation Attorneys

Hopefully, you will not have to go to estate litigation, but can resolve estate matters out of court. But if the worst should come to pass, you will be glad to know that Shane Buntrock has extensive experience in estate and trust litigation. Because issues often arise after your passing, we urge you to make an estate plan. This can help prevent costly legal issues among family members. If your loved one has passed and you have doubts that everything is happening as it should, we can represent you in cases relating to misappropriation, to challenge the validity of a will and to provide you with the closure you need and deserve. At Buntrock Law we understand that there is a personal story behind every case and we do everything, to get you the best possible outcome.

Wills & Trust

The difference between a Mesa will and trust is that the will generally becomes effective after your death, while the trust becomes binding immediately. You are never to young to have either, in fact both are part of a sound estate plan. Even families that think they are too young or too “poor” are strongly advised to create an estate plan. You can designate who should take care of your children, in case something should happen to both parents, how you want to be cared for in case you become incapacitated and more. And even if you think you have no assets worth mentioning you may have built up some equity in your home, for example. Our professional Mesa trust and estate lawyers can assist you in devising an estate plan and help you to create a trust and will.

We cannot stress enough how essential a well-thought through estate plan is. It prevents so much heartache down the road and saves your heirs money in litigation. Litigation can be an exceedingly ugly process, and is always every emotional. Buntrock Law Group has the Mesa trust lawyers to assist you in planning for your future and that of your family. If you are the one that is left behind and you doubt the validity of a will, we can represent you as well. Buntrock Law Group is proud to provide comprehensive legal services to clients in Mesa. In addition to estate and trust law, we are proficient in representing business clients, dealing with real-estate, debtor-creditor rights, construction law and much more.Contact our office today to learn more about our Mesa legal services and to schedule an initial consultation at (480) 664-7728.

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