Creditor Debtor Rights Legal Attorneys in Mesa, Arizona

The expression debtor – creditor asset protection rights or law applies to legal situations in which one party (the debtor) is unable to pay a monetary debt to the other party (the creditor). The creditor can make use of statutory or judicial processes to ensure payment of the debt. Garnishment and attachment are two ways to collect this outstanding debt.

If you are in a situation that falls under the providence of debtor/creditor laws, contact Buntrock Law Group today. Our lawyers are experts in creditor-debtor rights even though first attempts to collect a debt, often do not involve legal representation or a court case. We will use our professional knowledge and experience to make your case.

Regardless on which side of the dispute you stand, you should hire a lawyer who can represent your interest in the best possible way and has the best outcome for you in mind.

The legal team at Buntrock Law Group has extensive experience in assisting clients to either recover the outstanding debt or assisting debtors in a fair outcome.

One of the most common creditor/debtor Arizona scenarios is that between a bank and a customer. The bank is the lender(creditor) who gives a loan to the customer who hence is the borrower(debtor). Of course, the bank wants security that it will receive the money back which is why in case of non-payment it is often able to foreclose on a house or repossess a car. Should you have been fallen behind on a payment and are facing foreclosure or question the legality of your loan documents, you have a trusted legal partner with us.

We have experience in representing individuals and lending institutions in their loan transactions.

  • Loan Documents
  • Enforcement of Lien rights
  • Trustee Sales
  • Foreclosure
  • Tax Lien Foreclosures
  • Stay relief
  • Bankruptcy
  • UCC liens

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In addition to debtor and creditor rights we also specialize in business law, real estate law, estate and trust litigation as well as commercial litigation. If you are in need of legal assistance in any of these areas, do not hesitate to call your lawyer at Buntrock Law Group today. You can reach us at 480-664-7728.