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Exceptional Skill & Knowledge to Assist in Any Personal or Business Matter

At Buntrock Law, we represent individuals and companies in a wide range of areas from business contracts, formation, sale or purchase or civil litigation when your business is on the line. Led by experienced business litigation attorney Shane D. Buntrock, Buntrock Law brings an exceptional level of skill and a proven reputation to the table. Let us put what we know to work for you. (480) 664-7728.

We are the Law Firm for All Your Personal and Business Matters. Working with the right firm and attorney makes all the difference.
There are many situations that that may require advice and assistance from an experienced Arizona business attorney, such as: starting a new business, hiring employees, signing a lease, entering manufacturing agreements, limiting your exposure to warranty claims, regulatory matters, protecting intellectual property, using non-compete agreements, buying or selling, merger, acquisitions and succession planning. Generally, you need an experienced business litigator before you really think you need one. Ben Franklin said it best, β€œan ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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Results: Reaching and exceeding goals and objectives for the benefit of clients first.

Relationship: A personable approach for long term connections.

Reputation: Experienced to make the complex simple.


At Buntrock Law, we believe understanding and transparency are vital for successful relationships. We are pleased to create and share topical and informative articles to help you better navigate the legal landscape here in Arizona. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions related to these articles. Check back shortly for more legal articles from Buntrock Law.